The Project

Boomslang is a project from Expedia to create an easy to install website that was already linked to their Expedia Affiliate API, to allow their partners to quickly and easily launch a new website and re-brand it simply.

Boomslang Homepage

Simplicity of installation was key to the success of this project, and it ended up taking a moderately knowledgeable person to be up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Boomslang Booking

Once the application was installed, the partner's logo and colour scheme could be easy implemented to give each website a unique look and feel, but with the search, booking, registration and payment process already in place, using Expedia's powerful Affiliate API.

Boomslang Checkout

The Technology Stack

The technology stack is as simple as possible, to ensure that anyone with a moderate level of technical skill would be able to easily install the software on the majority of the most basic web-hosting packages.

Using the well known and established Code Igniter as the framework and a mysql database for caching and personalisation, keeps the system small and easy to understand. Bootstrap is used as a basis for the CSS, and the additional CSS provided can easily be edited or excluded in favour of a more customised version.