The Project

Sprint Campus is a software solution that gives any education related business a CRM (customer relationship management) system with integrated education data. Campus has the marketing tools (sales funnel, email marketing platform, lead generation, form builder) to use the data and CRM system to grow an audience, build a GDPR compliant opt-in list of teachers, and close more sales within the education sector.

Vendirun Contact List

Hold clients in one place, build contact lists, and react in real-time to when clients interact with your marketing. Campus’s CRM provides a single place for your current and future customers’ data to sit, ready for you to start connecting with them.

Campus Contact View

Track interactions with your emails, forms, and website in the live-feed notifications. Use this knowledge to build better relationships.

Campus Email Contact

The fully featured customer relationship management system allows you to track your sales funnels, communicate with your customer base and links directly to the email and SMS marketing system to allow you to send highly targeted and relevant marketing and to segment your list however you want.

Vendirun Contact Sales

Send day-to-day emails, log telephone calls, send quotes and invoices, and create notes, all from within your CRM module.

Campus Invoice

Design your own unique sales funnel, assign funnel points for different interactions, and watch Campus help you close more sales. Create quotes, convert to an invoice with one click, and then build marketing lists dependant on customers’ purchasing history.

Campus Email Editor

Drag ‘n’ drop your way to creating engaging responsive emails that render across desktop and mobile devices. No external emailing system is required as Campus comes with an integrated email platform that links to any lists you’ve set up.

Campus Email Marketing Campaign

Track, analyse, and report on your email campaign performance. Use the results to tweak and improve future email content. Many external email systems don’t allow sending to generic school emails. This is not a problem with Campus.

Campus Form Editor

Create lead generation forms, capture new contacts, and organically grow a powerful opt-in list of teacher email addresses. Campus’s forms module is designed to allow you to ensure the email lists you build are completely GDPR-compliant for your piece of mind. Build a form in seconds with the drag and drop editor and create unique custom fields to collect specific data on those contacts.

Campus Form Submissions

If a teacher completes a Campus form hosted on your website then their data is pulled into Campus’s CRM for you to start selling to.

Campus School View

Power your marketing with access to Campus’s database of schools and teachers*. That’s a huge pool of potential customers! The data is accurate and updated internally by a team at Sprint, using a separate system I also built.

The Technology Stack

The Campus application consists of a combined stack of distributed and micro-services. Many of the legacy services are written in PHP, new systems are being developed in Go and running on Docker Swarm. We have varied data storage options, depending on use-case, ranging from MySQL to MongoDB and from Redis to Elasticsearch. We use RabbitMQ for queueing across many of these services.

The front-end application is written in PHP and Javascript. We are currently in the process of moving components from jQuery to React and refactoring the main back-end from the original MVC architecture into a domain driven design architecture instead to ensure scalability and maintainability moving forward.

More Information

The official website.