The Project

CLICPoint is an online e-learning and collaboration tool which allows users to watch lessons, comment, take quizzes and join in the discussion either via a forum, built-in chat or comments on each article. Almost all of the available courses are CPD certified and in HD video.

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Users can join an existing CLICPoint, there are multiple public ones, all of which come with a video learning package, or alternatively they can create their own custom CLICPoint and add learning a-la-cart.

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Learning is available in high resolution video streamed from our reliable and highly scalable video service. We have learning available from many different providers and users have the ability to create, brand and sell their own learning through our platform as well.

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CLICPoint members also get a curated and relevant news feed which includes commentary from expert tutors who are available within the system to offer help, advice and guidance.

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Other features of CLICPoint include document storage, sharing and commentary, a powerful project management tool that simplifies collaboration across large organisations and internal messaging and email. We also include a curated news feed of the latest medical and NHS related information.

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The Technology Stack

The CLICPoint system has a distributed architecture, including services for video viewing, video transcoding, content management, course and slide creation and administration. The client-facing website and system is built on a heavily customised version of the Code Igniter framework, a few of its dependant services are written on top of Laravel.

The system exposes a network of private REST APIs, allowing the components to communicate with each other while at the same time allowing the network of satellite websites, including marketing and sales sites, to pull data, create users and manage subscription services. We use Amazon AWS S3 to securely store the video assets and a CDN for images.

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