The Project

Vendirun is a combined CMS, CRM, ERP and Email Marketing tool aimed at small and micro enterprises. It allows you to manage an online shop, calendar or real estate portal as well as manage all of your contacts and reach out to them via email and SMS.

Vendirun Shop

The system includes a robust content management system, with an easy to use drag and drop interface and a library of widgets to help make each user's website unique.

Vendirun CMS

Other features of Vendirun include document and file storage, blogs, multi-lingual capabilities, calendar and SMS marketing.

Vendirun Cloud Storage

The fully featured customer relationship management system allows you to track your sales funnels, communicate with your customer base and links directly to the email and SMS marketing system to allow you to send highly targeted and relevant marketing and to segment your list however you want.

Vendirun Contacts

The powerful event engine tracks all activity performed by your customers, including email communications, marketing responses, telephone calls, etc.

Vendirun Contact View

The ordering and invoice system is either hooked up to your website to provide instant tracking, shipping and drop-shipping, or can be used as a point of sale system in and of itself. Invoice generation, dropshipping and advanced tax and shipping features are all handled, including management of shipments, returns and faulty goods.

Vendirun Order

A sophisticated marketing automation module allows you to set up automatic email schedules, call schedules, appointments, subscriptions and sales pipelines.

Vendirun Order

We provide an open-source Laravel plugin which interfaces with the Vendirun REST API to automatically create a website linked to Vendirun's CMS and other features. All that's necessary is to customise the look and feel. This allows us to rapidly create completely unique and custom designs for every customer, and not be constrained by an old-fashioned template-based system.

The Technology Stack

The main Vendirun application is build on a heavily modified version of the Code Igniter framework. It relies heavily on RabbitMQ for asynchronous processing of complex tasks. It uses the Ambitious Mail Relay Server (also an Open Source project of mine) to send the email marketing. This allows us to easily switch providers without needing to modify any code.

More Information

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